1. in_array() in Perl?

    I was looking for this useful function I always use in php and found this simple article. Basically, the function that permit you to do that is **grep **used in this way:

    my $string = ‘fin_helm’;
    my @array = qw/full_plate manteau boots two_handed_sword fin_helm/;
    if(grep $_ eq $string, @array)
    print “$string is in the array”;
    easy? …

  2. just a note for me: Perl references

    I said not to jump the chapter 4 of the Camel book (the Dromedary one) otherwise you’ll not know what @{…} (literally: at plus curly brackets) do!!
    As explained in page 252, that expression, dereferenciate an array reference returning the array itself.
    Remember that arghh.. ps. why Perl should be so complicated? …

  3. RubyOnRails excitement

    I just want to share how excited I am studying Ruby and RubyOnRails. Soon I’ll start the development of a Facebook application with Rails. …

  4. quick solution to "svn: Checksum mismatch ..."

    If this error afflict your quiet development day, I’m sorry :D I had this problem today and I solved in few steps: …

  5. it sucks or not?

    You can find many post outside the web disguising on how much and why a programming language sucks. In particular, I’ve found a lot with this argument about PHP. …

  6. Perl reference

    Study it! if you are beginning with perl, that chapter is the one you will never jump over!

  7. Extract portions from long log files

    Do you have a really long log file and you need to extract a portion from it? Well, there are different approaches to this and it depends from what you really need from that file. I’ll show you the case where I need to extract a portion of y lines from an x line number : …

  8. grep excluding .svn dirs

    Grep is a fantastic search command that let you filter results and give you what you need. It is used to search in the content of files and is very useful for programmers like us :) …

  9. svn log: filter by username

    I’ve found this command useful to filter the svn log by username:

    svn log | sed -n '/username/,/-----$/ p'
    I hope is useful to anyone like it was for me ;) …

  10. Ubuntu, Firefox, ATI and xorg overload

    I was stuck with firefox and xorg on my Ubuntu machine: it was so slooooow. Today, finally, I’ve found a solution: just add the following option to your xorg.conf file under the device section:

    Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "true"
    then reboot your machine or your xorg server only (ctrl-alt-backspace) and … …