Google Website Optimiser and the bugged Techie Guide

I spent hours yesterday to implement the GWO that, instead, should take literally minutes!
You want to know why? The bugged Techie Guide!!!

On page 19, the script is completely wrong and drove me mad: variation-content should be variation_content and document.write(“</nosc” + “ript>”) should be document.write(“<nosc” + “ript>”);

So, here is he complete correct script:

var v = utmx(‘variation_content’, ‘Section1’);  
if (v) {  
v.replace(“%%product_name%%”, “<? print $product_name ?>”).  
replace(“%%product_price%%”, “<? print $product_price ?>”).  
replace(“%%product_id%%”, “<? print $product_id ?>”));  
document.write(“<nosc” + “ript>”);  
<li>Product name: <? print $product_name ?>  
<li>Product price: <? print $product_price ?>  
<li><a href=’buy.php?prod-id=<? print $product_id ?>’>  
Buy Now</a>  

Adapt it to your code and be happy!

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