bash: mv files with a specific date to another directory

I was searching for a bash command to move files and directories from a folder to another with modified in a specific date for ages on google until I gave up and decided to write it myself:

 ls -l | awk '$6 == "2009-06-04" { print $8 }' | xargs -t -i mv {} /destination/folder

To understand what this line does, you need to know a bit about awk and xargs (try “man xargs” in your shell)


ls -l : directory listing awk ‘$6 == “2009-06-04” { print $8 } : take the files and dir with date 2009-06-04 and print the list xargs -t -i mv {} /destination/folder : execute the mv command. {} is the result from the previous command.

I would like to explain you more, but I’m quite lazy and I leave you with google to undestand better the commands I’ve used.

Have fun! ;)

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