Extract portions from long log files

Do you have a really long log file and you need to extract a portion from it? Well, there are different approaches to this and it depends from what you really need from that file. I’ll show you the case where I need to extract a portion of y lines from an x line number :

  1. get the line number to get the line number, if you don’t know it already, use grep and a pattern
    grep -n _pattern_ /var/log/examplelogfile
  2. extract the portion use head to output the first 200 lines and use tail to take 100 lines starting from the bottom
    head -n 200 /var/log/examplelogfile | tail -n 100

In this case, I extracted the portion from line 100 to line 200. In other words, I’ve taken 100 lines starting from line 100. I hope I’ve been clear enough!

ps. thanks to my colleague Mauro for the second part of this trick.

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