Network interface problem with vmware server

So long time has passed from my last post… I’ve just been busy :/

Do you remember about the third part of vmware server installation never posted? Well I installed Firestarter as service and configured the firewall via the gui…

I’d have used IPTables directly, but the learing curve it’s too high and I didnt had time for that because I was pressed by the work so, finally, I decided for this quick solution.

The server works like a charm, however ;)

I just had a bug to correct, and today, I had time to find a solution: automatically started virtual machines set to start connected in VMware Console, fail with following error (from log file):

Could not get interface flags for vmnet1: No such device Virtual device Ethernet0 will start disconnected.

The problem is that vmnet1 adapter is slow initializing so vmware do it in background while continuing the boot process. If a VMware virtual machine is set to start automatically the vmnet1 adapter may not finish initializing in time, generating the error!


sudo nano /usr/lib/vmware-server/

locate the following line

vmware_bg_exec 'Host-only networking on /dev/vmnet'"$vHubNr" \

then substitute vmware_bg_exec with vmware_exec

This substitution let vmware wait vmnet adapter to be initialized instead of continuing with boot.

Now, the problem, should be solved ;)

ps. this bug is still present in VMWare server 1.0.3!

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