Remainder from a Web Developer switched from Linux to Mac

I just switched to Mac and I miss so much Linux and my fav distro Ubuntu :( I was obliged to do so cause I had a great offer on a “like-new” macbook and my 1-year-old laptop with linux inside had to go to assistance ( bad Asus ).

After some time playin with fink to set up a LAMP or, better MAMP environment and rsync to move all my files on this new laptop, finally I started again with my work and one of the first things I missed on the keyboard ( mine is an italian one ) was:

``` a.k.a. backtick a.k.a apice inverso ( in italian :D ) -> alt+9 ~ a.k.a. tilde or twiddle or squiggle -> alt+5

a.k.a.  hash a.k.a cancelletto -> alt+3

It is not difficult to fnd this information on google but I decided to write it here like a reminder for myself ;)

Anyway, my mac adventure is started even if I’ll never abandone linux that run in a Virtual Machine ( VMWare Fusion ) for now…

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