Compiz / Xgl on my Amd64 laptop with Ati x1600

Well, installing Xgl and Compiz has not been easy: there are a lot of valid tutorials out there,but somethimes they doesnt work for your system and this happened to me!
I’ll trace here, and link, the tutorials and modification I made to make things happen to my Ubuntu too and experiment with Xgl.

First tutorial on the Ubuntu Wiki about Xgl. If you have some troubles on packets missing then use these repositories in your sources.list:

deb dapper main
deb dapper main
deb ./
deb-src dapper main
deb dapper eyecandy
deb-src dapper eyecandy

Second on Ubuntu Wiki about installing Compiz.

If you get some strange errors with compiz and the windows decorations don’t appear, then you need to apply a patch to the code and reinstall patched debs:

  1. download this patch

  2. sudo apt-get build-dep compiz
  3. sudo apt-get source compiz
  4. cd into the unpacked dir
  5. sudo patch -p1 <>
  6. cd ..
  7. sudo apt-get source -b compiz
  8. sudo dpkg -i compiz*.deb Here it is another tutorial on

If you followed right all the steps described in the tutorials I suggested, you will see the magic of Xgl in front of your eyes ;)
If you need more help, please visit

Happy Dapper

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