virtual nameservers

Maybe nobody need these informations if not interested in webserver management :)

Virtual nameservers:

I’m pointing my nameservers to the IPs of my webhost’s nameservers. So it sounds like ‘virtual’ is the correct term. Using your example, => IP of’s DNS server #1 => IP of’s DNS server #2

Step 1. Create the nameservers at the registrar (contact your registrar if you dont have direct access). => IP#1 => IP#2

Step 2. Create the nameservers at the host.

It currently looks like this: => (type: NS) => (type: NS)

Should be changed like this: => (type: NS) => (type: NS)

Step 3. Add A records on the authoritative DNS servers at the host.

This looks easy enough. => IP#1 (type: A record) => IP#2 (type: A record)

happy hosting


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