MYSQL wont startup

Today, mysql wont startup and dont know why (or maybe!)

First of all I looked at “/var/lib/mysql/<\your host name>.err” log and this was the error:

Fatal error: Can’t open privilege tables: Can’t find file: ‘host.MYI’ (errno: 2)

The problem is the file was there (/var/lib/mysql/mysql).

The solution is delete /var/lib/mysql/mysql wit command rm -fR,

type rcmysql start and the folder will be recreated.

You’ll lost all users but mysql will be up and running! Now you have to reset the root password: mysqladmin -u root password

hope to have been useful again!


I forgot… the error was my fault … I played too much with phpmyadmin.

Machines do always what we want they do!

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