SuSE again UP and Running

I’m still curious about what happened to my SuSE and still angry about that!

Now I’m a little bit scared cause I think that if this happen when I’ll have data on disk, I’ll be lost! But let think over…. =D

I reinstalled also mozilla but, this time, I choosed the version without the installer and it worked on the first start… I HIGHLY reccomend it.

These are the operation I’ve done to install firefox via terminal:

download from site ( obvious! =D)

mkdir /opt/mozilla

mv /home/-user-/Desktop/firefox*.tar.gz /opt/mozilla/

ungzip firefox*.tar.gz

tar -xvf firefox*.tar

ln -s /opt/mozilla/firefox/firefox /home/-user-/Desktop/firefox

then you can apply the icon in kde!

thats all!

bye antonio

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