installing firefox 0.9.3 on suse

First of all I need my dear web browser mozilla Firefox so I download the official version from mozilla project and the language pack from italian mozilla project.

After downloading I switch to root, decompress the file in /opt/firefox/ and doublecliccked on installer.

OK all seam allright… now I have to click on firefox and … It doesn’t work! SIGH!! =’[

well … I can do it! I launch firefox from shell so I can see messages and resolve the problem:

Xlib:connection to “:0.0” refused by server

Xlib:XDM authorization key matches an existing client!

(firefox-bin:13607):Gtk-WARNING ** cannot open display


what should I do now?

let’s do a google search and… bingo! here the solution!

I switch back to user and open a shell where I write:

su -m


xhost + (switch off X authorization)


et voilà! les jeux sont fait! (dont write this line on shell =D)

xhost - (switch on X authorization)

next operations: language pack and flash player!

gotta go! bye…

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